Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF and Luis Manuel Suárez CMF

Moments after praising Peter as the rock and foundation of the Church, Jesus thunders at him: “Get behind me, Satan!” What went wrong?

            When Jesus began speaking of his impending suffering and death, Peter could not take it any longer. Being the leader of the flock, Peter took the initiative to protect Jesus. Thus, his intentions were genuine. Unfortunately, in his eagerness, he played Satan, for the mission of Satan is to be an obstacle in the path of God, to prevent God’s Will. By standing before Jesus and protesting against what his Father willed for Jesus, Peter was inadvertently playing Satan. Jesus had to remind him with no little harshness that the place of a disciple was behind the Master, and not in front. The disciple does not lead.  It is the Master who leads, and the disciple goes wherever the Master leads him.

            In my eagerness to serve the Lord, do I sometimes play the devil by standing before the Lord and frustrating his plans? 

Adapted from: Claretian Bible Diary

Paulson Veliyannoor,


Fr. Luis Manuel Suárez CMF

Numbers 20:1-13; Matthew 16:13-23

"To bind and to loose": making decisions, making choices, separating walkable paths from others that are not valid. As many parents, teachers, lawyers, rulers have to do… As Moses and Aaron did with the People of Israel. As Peter did in the first Church.

That "tie and untie" can be exercised in many ways. As an exercise of self-affirmation, as a means of subduing others or to "lead this community into the land God wants give them". The latter would be the evangelical authority. Looking to serve the common good, wanting the best for people. Helping to grow, without cancelling the person. Preventing dangers, helping to develop a wisdom for life. Making each person take life in their hands and respond generously to everything received.

It is necessary “To bind and to loose”. But the way to do it must be evangelical. An authority at the service of the Kingdom, of Life. "For the world to believe."


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