Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

In the parable of the labourers of the vineyard, we see how things are when God sets the standard. At the same time, it reveals the true face of God that upsets the human calculations. The workers failed to enjoy the reward for their labour, because their image of God did not fit into the frame they have moulded for Him.

Is it right to look for advantages and priorities before God based on our meticulous living and adherence to all norms?

Or do we need to humbly let the grace of God take control of us and guide us irrespective of our personal merits and virtues?

When God’s action surpasses the human way of acting and reasoning, it can be uncomfortable because we find others receive more than what they deserve. Then, one can become ungrateful and fail to find joy to become ungrateful in what one is receiving. What can be our response to God’s logic of love manifested in rendering human dignity and solidarity?


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