Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

To his prophet Jeremiah God said, “Be not crushed on their account,”. Instead, he is asked to stand up and speak out, and God’s power will not let them overcome him.

John the Baptist was a voice echoed in the desert as he appeared. His was the voice of truth and an invitation to conversion. True to his prophetic call, he was not afraid of those who would crush his voice of truth, but reached his voice even to the doors of the king. He wouldn’t let even the powerful to squash God’s law in their own way. Paying with life he upheld God’s law and truth. His courage and inner freedom made his convictions come alive even in his death.

Herod, even though he approved John’s message, did not possess the courage to follow his own heart or to cooperate with God’s ways.

Truth is alive in John’s death. The one who wields the power of truth is the one powerful indeed.


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