Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF
The parable of talents which we meditate today is situated between two parables: Parable of the ten virgins and the final judgment. Parable of the virgins invokes vigilance and final judgment captures the summing up one’s whole life.  Thus, the present parable prepares us for a deeper reflection on one’s own life, orienting us to resolve how to conduct ourselves now.

The characters of the parable responded differently to the task entrusted to them. Their responded how they understood their master. The idea of God that people have has an influence on the life they live. The first two servants loved, respected and trusted the master. It was evident from their commitment and hard work they put in with the money of the master. The third one understood master differently “I know you are a hard man… reap what you have not sown… I was afraid.” To appreciate, to be grateful and to increase the God given gifts, we need to know who our God is. If we don’t respond positively to our faith and his word, we have not understood God our Father.

The only gift that the Lord wants us to constantly multiply is love which will enable us to ‘enter into the joys of heaven.’ St. Paul, in the first reading today, urges the same: “God himself taught you how to love one another, I invite you to do so more and more,”


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