Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Ekina Raymond Marie Parfait cmf
Meditation of 3rd September 2019 "year C". Saint Gregory the great (540 - 604), pope and doctor of the church

We are celebrating today the feast of Saint Gregory the great, pope and doctor of the church. For this occasion, the liturgy invites us to meditate on the last moments between Jesus and his apostles. In the Lucan passage (Lk22:24-30), the apostles of Jesus, provoke the discussion about the greatest among them. In the anthropological perspective, the preoccupation of the apostles is not bad, because it reflects the spirit of man who always wants the power to dominate others. But at a spiritual level, it’s not the same thing because power is considered as service.

We can understand why Jesus said: "the greatest among you be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves". To serves signifies many things: listening to others, being available etc. By the intercession of Saint Gregory the great who has accomplished spiritual power, let us ask God for the grace of the service towards our brothers and sisters.


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