Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Ezequiel Fernández cmf

1sts Reading: Colossians 1:1-8 / Ps. 51 / Gospel Luke 4:38-44. 

“Receive grace and peace”, this is the first salute of St. Paul for the community, and also, it’s the principal action of Jesus in the Gospel, to give grace and peace for all the people that came to him. In this part of the Gospel, Jesus is the centre of a different meeting: the family, “the people suffering for many kinds of sickness”, the demons and him-self; in all of these encounters the principal goal is to find the grace of God and the peace for life. We have different movements: Jesus “went to the house”, the mother-in-law of Peter “got up and waited” the friends, the people coming, Jesus go to the mountain. What can we understand for our lives, from these different situations? Possibly the main invitation is to go out, to be on the move, because the encounter with Jesus is for us a great opportunity to get out of ourselves. Often the biggest temptation in the face of problems is to go on, remaining in the same situation in a continuous Friday of passion. Life is movement; the need for movement and our faith is the way to go to Jesus, He is the font of grace and peace.

Maybe, for the meditation today we can think about our “kind of sickness” that impedes our freedom and diminishes our willingness to serve. Neither is very old or very sick, always we have the opportunity to accompany Jesus in the mountain, in prayer, for an encounter with God and the others.


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