Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Ezequiel Fernández cmf


1st Reading: Colossians 1:24-2:3 / Ps. 61 / Gospel Luke 6:6-11.

Today Jesus shows us the centre of the Gospel, the all of his mission and the most about religious practices of his time, in a dialogue that transcends all confrontation and seeks to delimit a new horizon where the really important thing is to put people in the middle, looking beyond the “rigour” of the Law.

If we were to assert what is the most important thing in the gospel, our response would be oriented to the change of looks, that is, a change of centre. Jesus in his mission announced the Mercy of God and in his acts showed that this Mercy acts in favour of the most unprotected. In the Gospel, Jesus approaches a man with a “paralyzed right hand”, who is prevented from any contact, who cannot work and who lives with many difficulties every day. The first thing Jesus does is call him and put him in the middle All this happens in the synagogue, everything is a teaching point. The action of God is like that. He calls us in our paralysis and invites us to move, with difficulty certainly, but in motion. To put people in the middle means that all life is of worth, beyond the law or our prejudices. For us, maybe, the question is where should I look? And the answer will always present a new possibility to notice people, to return to the most human, to discover the most divine.


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