Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Ezequiel Fernández cmf

1sts Reading: Colossians 2:6-15 / Ps. 144 / Gospel Luke 6:12-19.

For Jesus, the choice of his disciples is the way to share his mission. Each one brings with him a story written in his name; each one comes from a different place, but all are summoned to the same mission: to proclaim the Mercy of God. Many people discover this in Jesus, that’s why they come to meet him looking for comfort. The Gospel today reminds us: “They gathered to hear him and to be healed of their diseases”, and this is true religion, because religion is a mode of being connected, being near.

Today, as yesterday, religion needs to return to a practice of communion, a practice of reality; fulfilling a great work proclaiming the Mercy of God close to the people. All of us have a history, and in this history surely, we can also find our own experience of mercy, which makes us more united with the message and the person of Jesus. The mission, then will be to pass on this testimony, so that others will also find solace, so that they feel that what is important is life above all things, and even better if it is a life with dignity. We need to have courage, although it is not important to have a high level of theological study; the real necessity is a deep experience of Mercy where we can use words and timely gestures which heal, cheer and accompany others.


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