Commentary on the Gospel of

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF

When we contact an organization, the person we talk to over the phone or at the reception counter becomes the first contact and thereby the face of the organization. The first impressions resulting from such encounter are significant in shaping our attitude toward the organization. Often the receptionists are asked to smile over the phone while they speak to potential customers, for, even when one’s face is not visible, the smile on the face makes the voice sweeter and more welcoming! Sound rationale! It is so very important to ensure that the first impressions a customer gets must be positive and warm. Similarly, before a president of a country visits another nation, a batch of diplomats is dispatched who will prepare the ground and set the tone for the presidential visit. From the preparations we have some inkling of the direction the visit and the high-level talks will take.

Jesus sends ahead of him seventy-two disciples in pairs to various towns and cities which he himself is to visit later. For those towns and cities, the visit of the disciples will be the preparatory ground for Jesus’s own visit and ministry later. Thus, what responsibility do the disciples carry! They are to put on the mind of Christ and embody his Gospel which Jesus himself would later come to proclaim.

Jesus has sent us as well, ahead of him, to prepare the ground for his visit. How well do we embody and prefigure him to the nations? What picture of Christ do the people get who welcome us into their homes  - would it be one of a peaceful Christ who offers them hope and redemption, or a divisive Christ who is a harsh judge?

Paulson Veliyannoor, CMF -


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