Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF


Abraham was rich in faith. He had an unshakable trust in the promises of God and therefore, there was no end for the richness he inherited. Scripture testified that he was blessed, he became a blessing and in him all the families on earth would be blessed.

The self-trusting and inward-looking rich man was not addressed ‘blessed’ but a ‘fool.’ He failed to turn his richness into a blessing. He felt it was no longer necessary to trust God whom he disregarded as the sources of the blessings he received. Moreover, he pretended to be in control when he told to himself to be happy and enjoy for many years to come. Whereas God who governs all and implements his designs, had planned only one more night for him.

It is in God that our earthly riches render us truly rich.  Apart from God, richness can make one poor within and poor in human qualities.


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