Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Paul speaks of the contradiction that he experienced within: The will to do good and the prevalence evil which he hates. Paul understood it as sign to turn to the Lord who alone can free him from this wretched state!

Jesus confronted a people who were seeking for a sign. But today we find that people are ignoring all the signs and are unaware of their consequences. Jesus made it clear to the people of his time that only sign to be recognized is the need for repentance. We must understand the call of Jesus for conversion as the sign of our times. However, this sign is outrightly rejected by the people of this age. The people of Nineveh and Queen of Sheba changed their lives and turned to God without the need of great signs.  We have more concrete signs of Risen Jesus and work of the Spirit. Our faith in Jesus should be more wholehearted and open to true repentance, ready to “do now what you would like to have done then, and you will have nothing to worry about.”


Maurice Wakame Maurice Wakame
on 25/10/19
I just appreciate!! Godgossip really increases my faith for sure!!
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