Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF
What did Jesus find common in mustard seed and kingdom of God? The unprecedented growth of a tiny seed into a large shrub! God’s kingdom, in the same way, has a humble beginning in human hearts before it becomes a captivating force. The uniqueness of this transformation is that it results from a powerful inner dynamism. In the apparent smallness, a transforming power is at work as in the case of leaven that transforms the dough. Those who receive God’s word and his grace ignites this inner power and transforms themselves and become an effective agent of transformation.

It takes faith to understand that the present struggles are nothing compared to the glory that is to be revealed. It is faith that hopes for what we do not see and to wait for it in patience. Faith enables us to see a large bush in a tiny mustard seed, and the power and working of God in an apparently fragile life situation and hopeless and challenging times.


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