Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Jesus presents the image of narrow door on his way to Jerusalem, on his way to die. Following Jesus means to take painful road that involves the readiness to pay whatever may be the cost.

Image of a narrow gate is very meaningful to understand human life in its proper perspective. Jesus uses this image to bring home an important lesson for our reflection. When the gate is narrow only essentials will pass through, in and out easily. Jesus wants to reflect on essentials of life and get rid of our desire for keeping unnecessary baggage. Our obsessions with money, fame, honour, approval etc. can make our movement through the door tedious. Jesus reminds us today how little we need and how can we practise simplicity. Jesus himself is the door and he wants us to meet him at the narrow gate.

Who can separate us from the love of God? asks St. Paul. This is the affirmation of anyone who loves the cost of taking the narrow road.


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