Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF


The thirst for peace is expressed in the cry of Jesus over Jerusalem. Peace brings joy and freedom in human lives. The true source of peace is the God’s presence and the right relationship with him. The Jerusalem temple was the symbol of God’s presence and His working among the people. The destruction of the Temple meant the destruction of peace forever. Jesus knew that the lack of faith in God and respect for his prophets would lead to the destruction of the Ttemple. God’s presence would be rescinded painfully from among the people. Peace disappears when God’s place become immaterial and his role is undermined. Our world today suffers more than ever for want of peace because it has vanquished God through arrogance and egoism. 

It was the destruction of the temple within that preceded the destruction of the external temple. Jesus could see the rampant corrosion within, when the external was majestic and magnificent, which led to the inevitable consequence. We need to restore God’s presence in our lives by sincere repentance and desire for holiness. Then begins the peace building process.


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