Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Jesus denounced harshly the corruption of the Temple and the Temple worship. His fury was directed to the worshippers who were inside thinking of themselves as worthy and clean to be in the Temple. They considered themselves fit unlike those who were considered unclean by the Law and remained in the outskirts of the temple. Jesus looked for the inner purity and worth of the worshippers. He found the worshippers of the Temple thieves, oppressors and immoral. Therefore, he declared those within the Temple unworthy and went ahead with cleansing of God’s house or all such elements.

‘Each of us is God’s temple’ said St. Paul. It is not possible to worship God in one temple and desecrate and disrespect same God in others. Jesus challenges this hypocrisy of his followers. Worship that does not show compassion to the needy, justice, and humble service to our brothers and sisters will invite same ire of the Lord.


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