Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

The Jerusalem Temple was splendid and every Jew took pride in it. No one was able to imagine an eventual destruction of such a magnificent structure. That is why the prophecy of Jesus was shocking, and it was fulfilled when Roman emperor Titus razed the glorious temple to the ground.  Even as the people marveled at the splendour of external appearance, they failed to see the signs of ruin within. People pointed to him the greatness of the Temple, but Jesus wept in response. He was able to see through the external grandeur, the signs of disintegration within.    It is in this context that Jesus speaks about the end time marked by wars and disturbances and natural calamities. The world across may experience crises of different proportions, but God still holds everything in his hands. They are all reminders to us to remain faithful and avoid wrong ways.  The Word of God must light up our ways constantly to live in communion with God and one another.


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