Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

End times will cause untold distress, and fear will fill the hearts of every one. The destruction of Jerusalem is the greatest catastrophe seen in the description of the end times. Jesus attributes this happening to the rejection of the Good News announced by Jesus. The Gospel offers us hope in such dreadful situations. We remain thankful because he gave us his Word and redeemed us from the slavery of sin.

Those who hold on to his Word and promises will not be crushed by the intensity of the hard times. They will stand erect and look up with heads high. The day of the Lord will be the day of confidence and victory for them. They will not have to droop their head in shame for the way they lived their life and the choices they made.

We are not terrified by what is happening in our world around, but we await confidently for the day when Christ will restore justice and peace for all. 


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