Commentary on the Gospel of

Johnson Joseph, cmf

The devout woman Anna the Prophetess receives special attention in the Gospel of Luke. She had special focus in life and an exemplary persistence in hope. She lived her whole life for a single encounter: an encounter with Jesus, the Messiah. She was taught the law the prophets and she was aware of the promised Messiah who would deliver Israel. She knew her God because she spoke with God every day, who promised the deliverer through the prophets. She longed to see his coming waiting in the temple with prayer and fasting.

Her waiting lasted until she was eighty four years old. When Simeon spoke about the Child, Anna recognised him and gave thanks to God for the redemption finally arrived. And she was there to welcome Him after decades of waiting. There is a message for us in Anna’s encounter with Jesus.  We will able to encounter God in prayer and contemplating his Word. We can share with others the fruit of this encounter leading others to God.  Will anyone find it worthy to spend a life in service to God, denying oneself of all that one could be, just for one encounter with the Saviour? Anna did.


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