Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF


Every aspect of our life is governed by law.  They are good and essential. Yet there can be instances where law becomes more enchaining than empowering. Jesus gives more insights into the way how the laws should enfold. Every human law has its origin in the divine will and therefore any interpretation and application of the law should be in reference to the divine law. In divine law we see the mind of God.  In God’s mind a human person and his needs are above everything. Therefore, genuine observance of the law should primarily take into consideration what God would do in each situation. We see Samuel in the first reading seeking fixedly what God wants and he was able to accomplish what God wanted in anointing David as King. God searches heart and not external adherences.  Therefore, Jesus advocates a revision in the application of the law in which the law has to be at the service of a person, especially to get him out of the precarious situation that one finds in.  The literal and superficial approach to the law makes it inhuman and makes the original intention of the law void. That is why Jesus said the Sabbath was made for the good of man and man not for the Sabbath. In the same way the religion is for man and not man for religion. If our religion does not enable us to love others do good to people, it is useless and devoid of meaning. There are many rules for our faith and they are meant to be governed by love. And that is the greatest law.


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