Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Who is Jesus Christ? The identity of Jesus was at stake in his confrontation with the religious leaders when they accused Jesus of using power of Satan. They wanted to label Jesus as a deceiver and the one who set out to mislead people into thinking that he was Son of God. They even charged him of being possessed by Beelzebub, the supreme power of evil. Look at the accusations. They are stinging and cutting. It reveals the bitterness of the accusers.

The religious leaders obstinately refused to see the hand of God’s in all that Jesus was doing. In fact, they could not deny the power of Jesus that radically changed the lives of people and freed them from the clutches of evil.  Yet, they opposed Jesus because their religion gave them a sense of security and Jesus was challenging it. They were also against any change in the way they believed and their way of seeing the truth. Moreover, to safeguard their position and not to admit the wrong, they had to deny Jesus’ importance.

Once we have closed our minds to God’s presence in our lives, it is impossible to see the hand of God at work. God’s forgiveness is universal and He loves everyone no matter how much one has sinned. However, insisting one’s own way resisting God’s grace with an unrepentant and stubborn heart might stop God from working in such persons.


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