Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

God’s blessings are gratuitous

God’s blessings are freely given! He fetched David from the forests where he was pasturing the flock to crown him king. Like wise He filled king Solomon with the gift of wisdom. None of them paid a dine! Today he gives ten tribes to Jeroboam and reserves two for Solomon’s household for the sake of His friend David. Just think of the gifts God endows us with – free air, sun, rain, etc. Without each of these at their proper times and seasons we would simply perish. Yet we pay nothing, except the debt of ‘thank you Lord’. Indeed, thanksgiving ought to be our routine song of praise unto the Lord.

And in the Gospel reading, we continue to celebrate God’s generosity. This time it is the turn of the deaf and dumb! The Lord Jesus endows him with the gifts of speech and hearing, and of course he is full of joy! Oh, how we transform others’ countenance when we share what we possess with them. A heart full of charity does not count on the amount shared, instead one cherishes immensely the relief which the gift effects on the recipient. Each of us is God’s own gift. The life we have is a gift; so is our health, intelligence, beauty, gifts, etc. We are gifts from God to the world. We are gifts to one another.

May God bless you as you share what you possess with the less privilege, for that’s all that Jesus Christ lived all His life.


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