Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

You are the Christ

The deepest longing of any convinced Christian is the recognition of the Lord Jesus as the Christ and relate to Him as such, leading to one’s union with the Holy Trinity. After three years of discipleship, our Lord’s disciples, evidently recognized Him as the Christ, yet their understanding of His messianic role apparently differed from whom He really stands for. They expected of Him the all-powerful liberator whom they had been waiting for. Political liberator, economic liberator, religious liberator, etc. The story has not really changed till today. I am not an exception to this. Sometimes I keep wondering why Christianity seems to be overpowered by some other religions in some particular parts of the world. And I ask myself why is the Lord Jesus keeping quiet? This trend of thought re-invites me to reflect on who He is for me.

Many a time, amid our challenges and tensions, we see the Lord Jesus Christ as the solution to all our problems. And so, we carry various images of Him. The miracle worker; the problem solver; the solution provider; the one who abates all dangers; name it! He is all these, yes, but one is primary: He has come to take us back to the Father. Yes, He is our Savior, the One who reunites us with God – that’s His real identity.

And so, the invitation to each of us is to regularly clarify for oneself: who is Jesus to me? What is THE IDENTITY of Jesus that operates in me and with me? What images of Him do I relate to in my prayers when joyful, playful, relaxed, comfortable, feeling fulfilled and very positive about life? What images of Him do I invoke and connect with when troubled, frightened, in a state of helplessness, sorrowful, feel abandoned or rejected? Good idea reviewing for oneself if the images at these seemingly opposite directions emerge from the same basic identity of Jesus the Christ.


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