Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Lenten journey has its specific footprints. The Word of God sets the pace and tone of this journey. This journey is full of choices and decisions guided by the light of the Word of God. The options that Joshua presented before the people of Israel are given to us at the start of this spiritual journey. Surrounded by an array of choices, we are given an opportunity to pause for a moment see life through the lens of the Gospel.

There is life or death in every choice, there good or evil in every decision. If we can listen to our heart and attend to the voice of God, as Joshua indicated to the people of Israel, we inherit a blessing – blessing of life. Because in listening to His voice we come to know a loving God who wants us to be alive and happy. Jesus, in the Gospel, continues to guide the decisions that we need to take. Some of his proposals are painful and tough to put into practice. Yet, that is the way to walk to towards fulness of life.

In order to follow him, he asks us to take up the cross and deny oneself. This journey involves keeping aside selfish desires, accepting discomforts and insecurities and the risk of death. A disciple would walk joyfully this path knowing that life on earth is not merely to please oneself but to be spent in loving service of God and people. Such choices and decisions direct the Lenten journey towards the resurrection, a new life and life that never ends.


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