Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

By calling Levi, Jesus openly acknowledged the title given to him by his adversaries ‘friend of sinners’ and he was proud of it. It shows that Jesus is special and his work too. He is here to turn the lives of sinners around, not by judging and condemning but by loving and accepting. Jesus did the impossible and Levi responded by doing the incredible. He left behind everything, accepted risk of losing the job and everything he held dear. He was no longer the same. He never looked back. Levi went ahead and celebrated his new life with Jesus and with fellow sinners.

Jesus offers everyone freedom from bondage and the joy of living the life to the full. In doing so, Jesus fulfilled the prophesy of Isaiah that we read today. God removes our yoke, guide our ways, strengthen our bones, recreate us like a watered garden and rebuild the ruins. Jesus has done it in the life of Levi. He wants to to do it in our lives. There is a call that whispers from behind our ears, ‘follow me.’ God’s message continues to change people. We shouldn’t be reluctant to reach out to people who are rejected and living in sin to accept them and to proclaim to them that Jesus loves them and is ready to restore them.


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