Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

All are invited to ‘union with God.’  

The wise person takes time to figure out what is best qualitatively speaking. That was the thinking behind Naaman’s decision. He must have asked oneself: who is the Healer? Only God. Every other healer is an agent, including those in his own country. He travels far and wide in search of the dependable Healer, and he found him and was made well. But notwithstanding, it took the “grace” of his servant to bend him to the healing power mediated through the eco-system. God reaches out through His creatures including us. He cleansed Naaman through the agencies of the prophet Elisha and the flowing water. He equally transforms others through the agency of your touch, smile, words of encouragement, advise, counsel, etc. And the key to receiving God’s intervention is faith!

Thus, it was a great discovery on the part of Naaman that God would heal him, a powerful ‘omnipotent’ God, more powerful than the gods in his own fatherland. It takes a ‘leap of faith’ to accept, believe and recognize another ‘god’ as more powerful than the god one believed in from childhood. Just think of the struggle in the Gospel reading today – the people do not fancy ‘shifting’ from their traditional picture of the prophet!  Hence, to Jesus’ surprise, his own people were found wanting in believing God’s own presence in their midst, for the very reason that He grew up among them. They refused to believe that Jesus was a prophet and were ready to ‘hurl him down headlong,’ so that he might die.

Good idea to reflect on the broader view that God is One and Father of all; ruminate on the universality of Christ’s body the church, as open for everyone to belong. We are invited to be a lot more broadminded in matters of faith in God. Those of other denominations, religions and atheists are all children of the one God and Father in whom the Christian believes. We are all invited to the same destiny, namely ‘union with God.’  A big reason for universal mission!


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