Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

John presents Jesus’ ministry more Jerusalem centred, unlike the synoptic Jesus focussed on Galilee. Stage is set in Jerusalem for his great conflict with the religious authorities and eventual crucifixion. In the Gospel text today, the evangelist gives us a sense of this simmering conflict. The tension is between light and darkness. Those who oppose God’s project in Jesus, work as the emissaries of darkness and naturally are opposed to light. At this juncture, a conflict is inevitable.

People were also confused. The wisdom and deeds of power of Jesus made it difficult for them to deny him as Messiah. At the same time, they believed that they were not supposed to know where Messiah was from and Jesus did not pass that test, since they knew his address. Jesus makes one point clear which is worth reflecting in our context as well. ‘You know me’, Jesus said. ‘But do you know the one who sent me?’ It is a pertinent question. The opposition of the leaders and the confusion of people regarding Jesus is from this shortcoming. They have not encountered true God in their lives.

Experience of God as a loving Father and His closeness to His children will transform our lives. It will vanish darkness, and conflict with truth from our lives. Our eyes will see Messiah in Jesus and the face of God who sent him.


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