Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

This is the Night … having died with you, we rise with you.

We celebrate a night of memorials. We recall our origin; we are God’s own image. How does this basic catechism resonate with me: created in the image of God? How much does this impact on my faith expression as Abraham would make me believe? We are reminded of our covenantal relationship:  from Baptism our vows are alive and active, thanks be to God.

We remember and celebrate our God who accompanies us in history. He takes us out of slavery. He initiates our spiritual journey; for not we, but He, it is who calls us, loves us first, He chooses us. Yet in the process we derail, we leave Him, we refuse to let Him lead us, we choose to put up with other gods; we worship idols, creatures, pleasures, powers, wealth, etc. We disfigure His image and likeness which we are; we deform ourselves.  Yet, he comes after us to rescue us – sends us his law for new life. Upon our struggles in obeying His commandments, in compassion He gives us the prophets as guides; calling us, come back to me. Back to Him, let’s rise and live the resurrection with Him.   

Oh, how much he loves us! To ransom a slave, He gives away His only begotten Son! Thank You Jesus, you bring down grace upon grace. Cleansed with your blood we are freed; you therefore go forth to rescue those who had gone before us – awake from your slumber oh sleepers – you announce to them. And now You emerge triumphant, amid new life, life of the resurrection. Having died with you in baptism, not even sin can separate us from you; we rise with you for you have turned our night into day. You manifest yourself anew to those who uphold you as their beloved, and you send them forth the bear witness to your new life. With Mary of Magdala we proclaim, with her we go to spread the good news of our redemption: alleluia, the Lord is risen, alleluia! 


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