Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF

Tuesday “Mary,” … “Rabboni” … it seemed like a dream!

Urged on by the love for her beloved Lord, Mary stayed on outside the tomb, in utter loneliness, bewildered by the confusion of not finding his body! To add salt to injury the men (Peter and John) she believed could have an answer or at least proffer a solution left, even looking more confused!! What does one do when all efforts and trials have been deployed and nothing seem to turn out positively? Oh well, in her case the search continues, she ‘bent over into the tomb and saw two angels’ – never say it is over, until it’s over! It is like going to question the ‘tomb itself’! ‘Search,’ the Lord had taught her while he was with them, ‘and your will find.’ Perseverance, they say, wears the crown – behold, there they are, the angels! Wherever our Lord is, the angels surround Him in adoration: think of the moment of his birth, now at his resurrection, at every Eucharistic celebration, in the tabernacle, and even when you and I receive the Eucharistic Jesus! They are ever present to adore Him! How much do you find time to join the angels to adore our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament?    

At the sight of the angels, the entire scenario changes! Perseverance is the hallmark of faith-expression. Thanks to Mary’s perseverance. Never give up on the Lord Jesus Christ even when it seems there is no hope – keep searching, he who provides will at his own time give his answer. And so, while responding to the angels, there he is, the Lord himself! “Woman, why are you weeping?” he asked as if he did not know, but he wanted her to speak for herself. Our Lord had always done the same before accomplishing some miracles, letting the recipient speak for oneself (for example, what do you want from me? - That we may see)! Let us not hesitate in declaring our need before the Lord – He likes to hear us telling Him what bothers us. That prepared Mary for the post-resurrection encounter with the risen Lord! And she gets a mission, she becomes the One Sent: ‘go to my brothers and tell them.’ She, who was worn out, drained of all her energy due to the seemingly hopeless situation, gets revived! On her feet, once again, she finds herself bearing the Good News! Oh, how much life we regain once we allow ourselves to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ. May your perseverance with Jesus gain you eternal reunion with Him, amen.


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