Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF


It is often smile-worthy that those who oppose or reject Christianity, are often caught up in its images and impact.  Our BC/AD dating system is rooted in Christ.  Our medical profession is symbolized by the serpent on the cross, a precursor of Christ on the Cross on Calvary, where he died for the life and health of the world.  It is referred to in the ‘lifted up’ of today’s Gospel.  John refers to a spiritual birth by working of Holy Spirit that is given as result of Jesus being lifted up on the Cross. No one can stop the working of the Spirit and a spiritual rebirth. Jesus’ death opens the door for such a gift to anyone who looks up to him with trust.

The way of life that Jesus envisioned is described in the first reading from Acts.  It is the forerunner of community living as dreamed of by most founders of Religious Congregations.  Our prodigality may not reach the level of Barnabas’ action but we can benefit nonetheless from his ‘encouragement’.


Bro. Pando Bro. Pando
on 20/4/20
I just remember, when I was a child and having some bad times with my tummy(not by hunger), my father used to point his finger to a snake's gallbladder hanging at the ceiling of our house. He just said that when I do look in that thing, I will stop from crying and find my ache gone.

When I become a more reflective person, I remember that gallbladder when I was reflecting at the church.

Do you see that gallbladder in the church?

There! In the cross! A man who died and wipes our fears away.
There! In the Bread! When we took it, bring it to our hearts, wounds will heal
There! In our fellow parishioners! They are alive! Because in the lifted, they believed.

Amen and Amen!
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