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Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

We are overwhelmed by the “tenderness of God” who, as he did with the two disciples of Emmaus, “warms our heart” and opens our eyes. They did not understand and they were on the road. The enthusiasm they had before Passover turned into bitterness and disappointment over the events that ended badly. Jesus, to whom they had entrusted their life, seemed to have lost the decisive battle. They nourished only human hope and it is now shattered. They remained so closed and their ears shut that the Spirit could not penetrate them with the light of the Scriptures. That cross, raised on Calvary, was the most eloquent sign of a defeat, which they had not foreseen. If Jesus was truly according to God’s heart, they had to conclude that God was helpless, defenseless in the hands of the violent, incapable of opposing resistance to evil. Jesus walked besides them unrecognizable.

Pope Francis would say, ‘what happened on this road was a ‘therapy of hope’ offered by Jesus. How much sadness, how many defeats and failures are there in the life of every person! The Lord knows the disappointments and depths of our bitterness. Jesus walks with all disheartened persons who walk with their head lowered, and in Jesus God never stops loving us. He continues to talk to us through the Scriptures and invites us to make room to feel Jesus, who warms the heart.


Obinna stephen Obinna stephen
on 26/4/20
Thank you Jesus for this opportunity.
From today's gospel, the appearance of Jesus to his disciples is the hope of Redemption of the world from the present corona virus pandemic.
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