Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Luis Manuel Suárez CMF

When we think of a conversation, we think of talking. But just as important as talking, is listening. And in that succession of listening and speaking, a conversation takes place. When we think of loving, we think of giving to others. But as important as giving is knowing how to receive. And in this game of giving and receiving, love unfolds.

The Christian life has a lot of action. But before "actors", we are "disciples". Followers of the one Master. Always learning. Letting ourselves be surprised. Falling and rising. Because if we become the reference, we have lost the sense of the Christian proposal. The image of the sheep, following the shepherd, reminds us of that discipleship which consists of being Christians, in community, with the difference that in our following we do not lose our freedom, like the sheep seems to do.

Pope Francis reminds us with some frequency that we are disciples. Listening to the Lord, like Mary, whom Jesus praised, while he reproached Martha for her hyperactivity. Now, next to that word he puts another one that complements it: "missionaries", sent to bring to others the Good News of the Gospel, which cannot be a treasure for us alone. "Disciples missionaries": a good description of our Christian being, following Jesus and open to the world.

Give us, Lord, a heart of disciples and feet of apostles.


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