Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF
At the heart of Jesus’ priestly prayer is a plea for unity – that they be one, as Father and Son are one.  Jesus ask his disciples to be united in harmony and love after example of the strongest of all unions, between him and the Father. At same time, Jesus wants his disciples to remain in the fulness of joy that springs from the source of intimate union with Jesus. The Word of Jesus will constantly sanctify them and consecrate them in truth. The disciples, to be protected from the assault of the world and to remain in his truth, need to be in touch his Word and encounter it as the measure of truth. As one who called himself the Good Shepherd, he claims to have taken great care of his disciples while he was with them.  But now that he is about to return to his Father, he voices his concern. 
How will they, and later we, cope with the hatred of the world in which they find themselves but to which we do not really belong?  The first reading invites believers to be on their guard.  Paul’s concern for his children in the faith perfectly matches Jesus’ for his disciples.  We are blessed indeed to be children of so many tears, cares and prayers.


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