Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

A cry for oneness still runs through Jesus’ prayer.  And the standard he sets is nothing less than the level of love that prevails in the Trinity.  Oneness is the sign of the Trinitarian love that animates us and manifests our being in God and God’s being in us.  Call it oneness, call it love, call it glory – it touches that which is divine in us. Jesus’ great desire for his disciples was that they would become one. He wanted them to be united to give powerful witness to expression of God’s love.  We are called and sent not so much to preach this unity as to model and demonstrate it in our manner of living. 

We see Paul preaching (in the first reading in Acts) the resurrection which divided his listeners. Many differing ideologies were being united as Paul courageously spoke and witnessed to the resurrection of Jesus, even though he had to face stiff opposition.  He heard the Spirit of Jesus telling him to ‘take courage.’ And hopefully too the same Spirit to say “courage” to us. It is time to pray for unity among all of us, avoid feuds, build up others, work together in humility even with those who disagree, and thus give glory to Christ as God Himself glorified Jesus.


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