Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

One of the easiest things that all of us do is to judge others. Jesus tells us not to judge so that we shall not be judged. Yet, we cannot avoid making judgment. Judgmental attitude tears others down to build oneself up. Do we find it easy to magnify others’ faults while excusing our own? If we criticize someone, we need to check if we deserve the same criticism. Judge oneself first, and then lovingly forgive and help the other. Jesus is not against critical thinking, but it is a call to be discerning than negative. Are we prone to make rash judgments?

The first condition for a good life together in community is not to judge brother or sister. That is, to eliminate the preconceptions which prevent a transparent community life. Anyone who lives in this way with his brothers and sisters accepts others as they are, without any preconceptions, without previously imposing any conditions, without judging. Mutual acceptance without any pretension and with total transparency! This is the ideal of the new community life, which has come from the Good News which Jesus has brought to us Building a community of love should be the priority of the follower of Jesus than judging one another. We observe the splinter in the eye of our brothers and we do not see the big log in our own eyes. These logs can cause many people today to have difficulty in believing in the Good News of Jesus. In humility we need to trust God to be the final judge of all that people are and do.


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