Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

The parable of net reminds of the parable of wheat and weeds that Jesus told his disciples before. We can never imagine a community of saints and good people alone. Neither we can determine wholly who is good and evil. It is God’s work and our task is to communicate the goodness and grace of God in obedience to his word. Jesus simply reminds us that the decisions we make day by day are important. Even though there are elements of good and bad in the human condition. One can consciously choose to nurture the goodness in life and can contribute to the building of a kingdom of justice, peace and love. He tells us that our main concern is to love one another and this is what shapes our eternity. The essence of Christian life is to grow in love of others, rather than living for oneself.

Then Jesus compares one who holds the responsibility of teaching to a householder. What does a householder do? “He brings out from his treasure new things and old things.” It is from the treasury of wisdom and virtues of the family, the children and other members learn and grow, rooted in Gospel message. The communities also hold same responsivities in the transmission of faith. In the teachings, both new and old, there are practical guidelines of faith and living a righteous life in the world. This spiritual significance of the Kingdom that Jesus preached can open eyes to see the world around through God’s eyes.


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