Commentary on the Gospel of

NOVICE MASTER Fr. Johnson Joseph, cmf

August 21

Jesus had to pick the greatest commandment out of 613 commandments which are equally binding on a believer. Jesus proposed a simplified summarizing of the whole law: anyone who puts into practice the only commandment of love does not only observe the whole law, but also the Prophets. He sidestepped the observance of Sabbath, devotion to Torah or Temple and put forward love of God and neighbor as the greatest commandment. Jesus, in his answer, binds together love of God and love of neighbor, so much so as to unite them in one, without refusing to give priority to the first one, but presents the second as the reflection and continuation of the first. We are created out of love. Our life is actualized in fulfilling these two commandments and thus all other laws are fulfilled.

The instruction to love our neighbour as we love ourselves may be more challenging than loving God. The love for neighbour often stretches us in uncomfortable ways. Therefore, the Christian love is challenging and demanding. It is mission-oriented love that includes all people. Christian love is unconditional towards others, friends and enemies alike.

What do you consider as the greatest commandment of your life? Does your profession of faith empower you to move away from mere externals and move towards the substantial?


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