Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

Jesus condemns the hypocrisy of the people who lack coherence and sincerity in their relationship with God and neighbor. Jesus considers it as a spiritual failure on the part of Scribes and Pharisees. The basic fault is that they speak but they don’t practice what they say. At the same time, they looked for attention and praise from others. Jesus severely condemned the deceptive appearance and hypocritical attitudes of these people.

They knew the scripture, but they did not live by them nor let it change their lives. They did not take care to be holy but wanted to appear holy in order to be admired. They say they follow God but they don’t live his Word of love and service. God called them to be at the service of the people, but they have overturned this call as privilege of honour and a position to be served. Jesus presents a harsh reminder to the disciples of all the time to be prepared to give up ego and hypocrisies and give way to humility and service. It’s a challenge to match our actions and our faith. We must make sure that our appearance is Christlike in charity and humble service. words that will change our story.


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