Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Johnson Joseph Thurackal CMF

A seeker of God encounters God. This is the story of Nathanael.  Nathanael was found by Jesus under the fig tree, which according to the Jews is a place of learning, reflection and revelation. As Nathanael was thinking of God, he received the gift of revelation and professed Jesus as "Son of God and King of Israel." Evangelist marks this simple encounter with significance. Nathanael now represents true Israel that responds to God’s redemptive work.  In return to his response, God reached out to him with the offer of friendship and peace. For Nathanael Jesus was the one uniting heaven and earth as he saw the angels pointing to God. Nathanael was ready to place God at the centre of his life. Anyone with a sincere heart can make Nathanael’s experience his own.

The episode of Nathanael given on the feast of the Archangels speaks to us of the messengers of God and in a special way reminds us that Jesus is the supreme messenger and message from God for all humanity and for all the time. Jesus for us is the ladder of communication between God and his children. Our thoughts, aspirations, secret sighs, above all our intimate moments of prayer reach up to God in the same way Nathanael’s inner thoughts were known to God and were valued by Him. In Jesus God the Father is close to us and we are loved and honoured as His children.


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