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Angela Maynard - Creighton University's Student Health Services



I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to learn patience.  So, how ironic that the parable of the persistent widow be my assignment.


I can’t think of a more appropriate lesson for us to hear today.  Think about this.  In the time of Jesus, a widow was essentially powerless.  This widow went directly to the judge for a decision…and she didn’t stop until she received a verdict.  I can only imagine her frustration, but she persisted.  I imagine this could have come with some risk.


I, like many others, have a severe case of COVID fatigue. I’m very weary of the constant chaos, bickering and unrest all over our world.  Too many people live in a constant state of fear worry and anxiety. 


  • Where will he rest his weary head after a long day searching for work?

  • How will she feed her children? 

  • What will I do if I lost my job because I had to be with my sick, aging, widowed parent or my sick child? 

  • Winter is coming, how will I keep my family warm?

  • Where will we live when there is no more money for rent?


The list can go on and on.


Is this any way to live?  I say no.  What can we do about it?  We must be patient, help each other and pray fervently.  When it doesn’t seem like our prayers are being answered, keep praying.  When hope is running out, keep praying.  When you don’t know what else to do, …keep praying.  Pray fervently and remember that Jesus walks beside us always.  His presence is persistent. Let us be persistent in our prayer.


“Don’t worry to the point of losing your inner peace.  Pray with perseverance, with faith, with calmness and serenity.”  --St. Padre Pio


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