Commentary on the Gospel of

Jonson Joseph, cmf Novice Master

Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The Child in the manger is speaking to us today:  I was born naked so that you learn to strip yourself of follies. I was as born poor, that you may regard me as the only wealth. I was born in a stable, so that you to learn to sanctify every environment. I was born weak so that you do not ever afraid of me. I was born to love, so that you never doubt my love. I was born at night, so that you may believe that I can illumine any reality. I was born person, so that you may never be ashamed to be yourself. I was born human, so that you can be “God.” I was born persecuted so that you know how to accept the difficulties. I was born in simplicity, so that you stop being complicated. I was born in your life to bring all to the Father's house. St. Johns gives the reason for all these: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish bout may have eternal life.” (Jn 3.16).

Christmas gives us the greatest human dignity ever that we can arrive at. God, the creator has stooped down to the creatures so that they can now raise their head to a divine level.  St Leo the Great summarizes this truth in these lines: “O Christian, be aware of your nobility - it is God’s own nature that you share.... Think of the Head, think of the Body of which you are a member. Recall that you have been rescued from the power of darkness, and have been transferred to the light of God.” St. John Paul II makes the Christmas relevant for all the time in his words: “The mystery of the birth of Jesus that took place over 2000 years ago must be lived today and every day. The Word that found a dwelling place in and through Mary comes to knock on our hearts this Christmas and every Christmas, today and every day.”


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