Commentary on the Gospel of

Jonson Joseph, cmf, Notheast India

God lets humble, faithful people recognize His Son and welcome Him as the Savior who brought freedom and life to His people. It clearly shows a God comes to fulfill his promises and He fulfills them on behalf of the poor, the anawim, those who knew how to persevere and hope in his coming: Elizabeth, Zechariah, Mary, Joseph, Simeon, Anna, the shepherds. 

The Prophetess Anna had a special focus in life and an exemplary persistence in hope. She lived her whole life for a single encounter: an encounter with Jesus, the Messiah. She was taught the law the prophets and knew the promised Messiah who would deliver Israel. She knew her God because she spoke with Him every day. She longed to see his coming waiting in the temple with prayer and fasting. She went to the Temple at the moment when Simeon embraces the child and speaks with Mary concerning the future of her son (Lk 2: 25-35). When Simeon spoke about the Child, she was there to welcome Him after decades of waiting.  Anna recognized him and gave thanks to God for the redemption finally arrived. There is a message for us in Anna’s encounter with Jesus. The vision of Anna is one of faith. She sees a child in the arms of His mother and discovers in Him the Savior of the world. We will able to encounter God in prayer and contemplating his Word and we can have him near us all the days of our lives.

The Gospel concludes saying: “The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him. To grow in wisdom means to assimilate knowledge of what is true and right, just judgement and discernment, and in prayer. This is learned through living and living together in families and communities of the people. To grow in grace means to discover the presence of God in life, and to live in resonance to the mind of God. Anna is a great example for those who wish to live a life of grace.


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