Commentary on the Gospel of

Jonson Joseph, cmf Novice Master

The Word comes in our midst, and carries out its mission and returns to God. Jesus is this Word of God. Everything that it says and does is communication which reveals the Father to us. In the beginning, before creation there was Word, Word was with God and Word was God. These three affirmations lead us to the mystery of God. We get a glimpse of the humility of the Holy Trinity in the mystery of incarnation. The creator of the humankind came into the world to dwell among his people. He was the true light that enlightens everyone. Our lives must continue to acknowledge that ‘light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’ (1:4). Jesus wants to draw us closer to the Father by making us children of light. In our day to day lives, we must let the brilliance of this light to light up and brighten our life. 

Once again at the end of the year, we hear about beginning. We are reminded that everything comes from God and belongs to Him. God is our true origin and destiny. Thus, as the Word of God manifests itself in nature, in creation, so also it is manifested in the “world”, that is in the history of humanity, particularly, in the history of the People of God and in our own personal history. But things did not go well, for human beings loved darkness more than the Light. Hence, the need for a new creation, a new birth, a new beginning, another new year. The Word of God penetrates within the person and makes the person feel accepted as a son, as a daughter of God. This is the power of the Word of God. God does not want to remain far away from us. Because of this, His Word, gets closer and becomes present in our midst in the Person of Jesus.


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