Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidi, cmf

Sunday, week 2, Ordinary time of the Year

Behold the Lamb of God!

-        Witness: behold the Lamb of God – pointing out Jesus is infectious

-        Attraction & association: where are you staying?

-        They went and stayed with Him – whole hearted response

Show me your friend and I tell you whom you are! One of the luckiest blessings one could have is to have a friend or companion whose life-style is divinely inspiring, edifying and spiritually animating. John the Baptist is one such a unique personality and in today’s Gospel passage he inspires his disciples to follow Jesus. He points out Jesus to his disciples, as the Lamb of God. Action, they say, speaks louder than voice! Infectious as his action of ‘pointing at’ Jesus is, there is no mistaken identity about whom he talks.

Dear friends, to keep growing spiritually, we need and must build up friendship with those who constructively and honestly focus us on sound Christian doctrines. Proliferation of multiple churches and doctrines makes getting sound doctrinal foundation necessary. Religious syncretism, that is, mixture of faith in God and belief in several elemental spirits (especially at the wake of the quest of miracles), keeps causing doctrinal havoc and confusion. Obviously, solid faith-foundation entails getting the fundamental Christian teachings right. O God, give us many more authentic Christian leaders.

Spurred on by the sound doctrines, we are genuinely fascinated, attracted and consequently associate with the divine Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Our longing to stay with him becomes translated into prayer life and communion with him; staying with Him becomes our adoration of Him for we now recognize his wonderful divine presence; His presence founds a home in us! I have a personal conviction that it is not possible to remain the same after beholding Jesus the Christ – His spirit takes control and prompts one’s actions. Like the former disciples of St. John the Baptist, one simply has a single responsibility, namely, docility, openness to the promptings of His Holy Spirit. Father, help us to stay with your Son Jesus always, amen.


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