Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidi, cmf

Citing our Lord’s presence at the wedding in Cana in Galilee, one is reminded that Jesus was also a party-goer! Today’s Gospel passage points out that there is time for feasting, just as there is time for fasting. 

The question is, why do we fast? Christian spirituality has a clear response: that through our sacrifice, our mortification, our self-denial, we are able to reach out in charity. Still, a deeper understanding is that ‘one detaches oneself from things and values, in order to get attached to God! Detaching oneself from important values, one embraces the most important value, namely, union with God. 

Now, it is observed that the Lord’s disciples are not fasting! This is indeed a wonderful dynamic! Fasting facilitates attachment to higher value! Here we are talking about the disciples who are already detached from their homes and families, from their jobs and sources of income! They are already at the level of attachment to the Lord. They are now communing with the Bridegroom! 

Living in ‘communion with the Lord’, with the bridegroom, entails refilling the gap (created by the act of fasting) with His own nourishment, that is, His nutrient of charitably reaching out. In other word, the disciple who is in communion with the Bridegroom, copying from the Master, radiates his compassionate sharing – now his thought, his preoccupation is filled with how to reach out in love and charity and not just of fasting! 


The presence of the Bridegroom models for us! Just as the saying goes, ‘show me your friend and I tell you whom you are.’ Because the disciple is now always with the Lord, His presence transforms one, and the disciple who undergoes transformation (even without knowing it) shines out, is resplendent of the Bridegroom’s dazzling virtues, for a single reason: staying with the Master! Staying with Jesus imparts simplicity to the disciple, imbues his follower with compassionate love. This is the level a real practicing Christian finds oneself. It is the level to which the Lenten season re-presents to each one of us. Lord Jesus, grant us the grace to stay with you always, copying and reflecting your goodness, amen. 


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