Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidi, cmf

John 17:1-11a Father glorify your Son

Jesus prays: Father, glorify your Son

I am praying for them

They are in the world

The story of Jesus’ ministry, passion, death and resurrection is marked with the disciples’ story of attachment to Jesus, separation from Jesus, their loss of Jesus, and their new attachment to him. In today’s gospel account, our Lord is aware that he is at the verge of leaving the community He had been founding! 

Right from the earliest moments of his earthly ministry, our Lord summoned and kept bonding and re-bonding with his disciples, especially with the Twelve. He walked with them; talked with them; ate with them; healed in their presence; preached while they were all around him; scolded and admonished the erring and faithless contemporaries even as the disciples looked on! Indeed, the gospel accounts always present Jesus with the community of his disciples except when he prayed alone – meaning that even when he was alone, they were aware of his whereabout. Obviously, it is a very difficult moment, knowing fully well that he is about to leave them. 

How do you handle such difficult moments – like, the exit of a loved one? Being beside a terminally ill friend or beloved relative? Our master Jesus Christ sets out preparing his disciples, reassuring them that all hope is not lost – he entrusts them to his Father loud and clear! Oh, how consoling that was for the disciples. Our Lord models for us how to strengthen our beloved ones at moments of trials. We are not to get scared and distance ourselves from them, instead, we have got to be with them, strengthening them. Prayer is one key way of reassuring them, Jesus prays for them. Lord Jesus, please give us the grace to always be faithful companions to the end, amen. 


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