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Victoria Sanchez - School Teacher in Madrid


"Take, this is my body".

Today we celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. The presence of Christ in the Eucharist, under the two species of bread and wine, is a great truth that we Christians confess.

Therefore, on this day we should think that Christ has remained in the Eucharist for many reasons. The main one is to nourish our Christian life. Life, which we have received in Baptism; like any kind of life it needs to be nourished in order to continue to exist, because no one can live without food. The second reason why Jesus stayed in the Eucharist is to make us more like Him, which should be the aspiration of every Christian. Thirdly, for us to remain strong against the dangers of the world, because if we do not eat the Body and blood of Christ our soul will become weak and sick. 

Therefore, for the sake of our spiritual growth, let us not forget this great truth: Christ did not remain among us only to be visited, but rather to be eaten, so that it is not understandable to celebrate the Eucharist and not to receive communion.

(St. Thomas Aquinas)

Behold the bread of angels, sent
For pilgrims in their banishment,
The bread for God’s true children meant,
That may not unto dogs be given:
Oft in the olden types foreshowed;
In Isaac on the altar bowed,
And in the ancient paschal food,
And in the manna sent from heaven.

Come then, good shepherd, bread divine,
Still show to us thy mercy sign;
Oh, feed us still, still keep us thine;
So may we see thy glories shine In fields of immortality;

O thou, the wisest, mightiest, best,
Our present food, our future rest,
Come, make us each thy chosen guest,
Co-heirs of thine, and comrades blest
With saints whose dwelling is with thee.

The celebration of the Eucharist not only unites us to Jesus, but also to our brothers and sisters, as members of the church. May we live what we celebrate so that one day we may fully celebrate what we live.

Thank you, Lord, for the Eucharist, give us a heart that is ready to renew our covenant with you every Sunday.

(Psalm 115) I will lift up the cup of salvation by calling on the name of the Lord.



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