Commentary on the Gospel of

Victoria Sanchez - School Teacher in Madrid

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"Let us go over to the other side".
Why do you not have faith?

The story of today's Gospel, the "calmed storm", presents us with a moment of trial for those who accompanied Jesus "who became very nervous". Something similar happens to us when we experience storms in our personal, ecclesial and social lives.

The moments when we feel overwhelmed, alone and powerless in the face of danger. It is then that we would like to have the powerful presence of Jesus, even if He is asleep, because nothing serious can happen to us if He is at our side, because the consequences of losing control over us are not good, both physically and psychically. The great enemy of serenity is tension. Whether we go out in the street or stay at home.  Pope John XXXIII was an example of calm and serenity. A normal and exceptional person at the same time. Profoundly understanding and very human. 

Let us keep in mind that every time we respond to tensions, setbacks, and anger with calm and serenity, we not only generate a great inner richness that fills us with peace, but at the same time we are creating it in those who are close to us. Let us learn to "look on the good side of things and never on the bad side" (Baden Powell). Balance and serenity of spirit give us peace and distribute it. To learn to live with peace in our existence, it will be necessary to be open to the Transcendent. That is to say, when we decide to think and live from God’s perspective, then our daily life will make sense. This is what Jesus teaches to his disciples with the miracle of the calmed storm, awakening and confirming their faith in Him.

Pope Francis: God's love is as stable and sure as the rocky reefs that protect us from the violence of the waves. Jesus manifests it when he calms the storm, commanding the wind and the sea. The disciples are afraid because they realise that they cannot. He opens their hearts to the courage of faith.

Lord, do not let our hearts be troubled. May our souls always find peace in your presence.

(Psalm 106 ) Give thanks to the Lord for his mercy endures forever.






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