Commentary on the Gospel of

Victoria Sanchez - School Teacher in Madrid


Commentary to this Sunday 25th of July

On this summer Sunday the people of Spain celebrate the feast of St. James the Apostle, our patron saint. According to tradition, it was he who brought the Christian faith to our lands, and to have him as our patron means to have him as our closest friend, to take him as an example of evangelical life and to trust him to intercede for us.

This year, as it falls on a Sunday, his feast day has been declared a Holy Year. But with the crisis we are still living through, it is a somewhat atypical year. Nevertheless, not only in Europe, but also in other distant parts of the world, the custom of making a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Saint in Compostela has been revived.

This pilgrimage has since ancient times been a symbol used to signify a reunion with oneself, and has served to unite different peoples. In Europe the Way of St. James has meant a lot in our history. Because it has shaped our way of living the Gospel. In recent times, the number of visitors, especially young people, who walk this way has grown in an unexpected way. In our days there is a significant desire for spirituality, and the Way seems to be a suitable means to encourage this encounter with the noblest of the human spirit.

Lord: We want to know you and make you known, to love you always serving our brothers and sisters. For "The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve".



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