Commentary on the Gospel of

Victoria Sanchez - School Teacher in Madrid

     Commentary to the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle B)

"Whoever wants to be first should be last of all".

The evangelist Mark tells us in this Sunday's Gospel that the apostles were arguing about who was the most important among them. This is a serious danger in the community, because the desire for pre-eminence always creates tensions and confrontations. That is why Jesus makes it clear to them that in His Kingdom, the one who makes himself the least of all, embodies His attitude; He "did not come to be served but to serve". This lesson is always good for us, because in our life we are always looking for honours, praise, dominance, to be welcomed, to be made....

But when Jesus comes to Peter's house he sits quietly and tells his disciples what the Kingdom of Heaven is all about, and to make it more graphic he calls a child, takes him in his arms and tells them: "Unless you become like them, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven". Let us try to serve others, and in this way we will feel happier, and now I remember the verse of Rabindranaht Tagore which says: "I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service . I served and saw that service was joy".

Mary is for us the best teacher of humility; let us ask her to teach us to be humble. So that in whatever situation we find ourselves, we may be servants of all for the greater glory of her.

"Whoever wants to be first must be last" (MC 9,35). God does not want anything else for us but our good. And so let us assume these three fundamental realities. 

-We are not more because we have more, but because we are more. 

-We will not have more power by commanding more, but by serving more.

-Let us be like children, and make our lives a service to God and to others.

(Psalm 53) The Lord sustains my life.



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