Commentary on the Gospel of

Victoria Sanchez - School Teacher in Madrid


Who are the saints?









Today we celebrate the feast of All Saints. They are all the saved who form the so-called "the church triumphant".

The first reading tells us of a "vast multitude" that no one can count: from every nation, race, race, religion or nationality (Rev.7,9). They were "ordinary people, normal people, striving for great perfection, trying to live a life consistent with the gospel of Jesus.

The church defines them as people of the Beatitudes, who led them to their fulfilment as faithfully as possible. They are able to draw near to God.

Perhaps we have all experienced in our lives the strong attraction of some of the people with whom we have been in the past. They are not (as we might imagine) sad people. On the contrary, they are very joyful. Saint Teresa of Jesus said: "A sad saint can be considered a saint".

These countless people who are already enjoying the fullness of life are our brothers and sisters. What the church has tried to do is to make us understand that there are also saint in this secularised world, unmistakable proof that it is possible to live the project that Jesus outlined for us throughout his life. Pope Francis, in his exhortation "Gaudete et exultante", comments on the Beatitudes as a source of holiness. We deserve to live as the saints lived and to rejoice with them one day in the glory of the Lord.

( Psalm 23 ) This is the group that comes into your presence, Lord.



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